Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Depot Lake Wells, Florida

      The Atlantic Coast Railroad came to Lake Wales, Florida in 1911.  The first station was a crude unpainted shack and platform. In 1913, the station was replaced by a large frame structure on Scenic Highway.  This handled both passengers and freight.   This was replaced by the  surviving  historic railroad station located at 325 South Scenic Highway, Lake Wells, Florida

Atlantic Coast Line Depot Lake Wales, Florida

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National Register of Historic Places Plaque

ACL Depot Lake Wales

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1916 Pullman Caand 

Renovated 1926 Seaboard Airline Railroad red caboose.
   The station was  built in 1928.  Architect was Burrows  Construction Company.  It is a Mediterranean Revival  Building.  It is a one story building. The exterior was built with hollow tiles covered by stucco.  The roof is barrel tile.  Construction costs were $51,000.  A freight room and platform were added in 1938.

     Passenger service to Lake Wales ended in 1954.

    The depot was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 8/31/1990.

     Fortunately, the local citizenry advocated to save the historic depot.  A museum was established in the  depot in 1976.  It was dedicated in 1978 as the Lakes Wales Depot Museum. In 1978, the Historic Lake Wales Society (a non for profit ) became the governing authority for the Museum.  Due to financial difficulties, in 1915, the Museum was reorganized under the City of Lake Wales.

     Adjacent to the railroad depot is a 1916 Pullman car, A 1926 Seaboard Airline Railroad red caboose and a 1944 Diesel engine

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