Okeechobee, Florida Railroad Station

Old Seaboard Airline Railroad Station built 1924

Photo dated 1910 of the Okeechobee Railroad Station

     The prior depot was built in 1924 by Seaboard Airline Railroad. It was demolished in 2014.  There was also a station prior to this.  Little information is available about this.

     Amtrak built an adjacent structure in 2011 at 801 North Parrott Avenue.   It was designed by d + A design and Architecture, LLC of Yardley, PA.  It is a one story red brick building with a waiting room facing the street and tracks..  Construction costs were 1.5 million dollars.  It was funded by Amtrak Mobility First initiative.

Amtrak Sign Okeechobee, Florida

Amtrak Platform Okeechobee, Florida

Same as above

Amtrak Station Okeechobee, Florida

Same as above

Amtrak Station, Okeechobee, Fl.

Amtrak Railroad Station

Amtrak Railroad Station Okeechobee

Waiting Room Amtrak Station

Waiting Room Amtrak Station Okeechobee, Fl

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