Sebring, Florida Sea Airline Railroad Station

Seaboard Airline Railroad Sebring Station

Historic Plaque Sebring Station

Parking Lot

Same as above

    The existing station is located at 601 Center Ave, Sebring, Florida.  It was built by the Seaboard Airline Railroad. This station opened in 1924.  

     The original station in Sebring was  an Atlantic Coastal Line Station.  It was made of wood. In 1917, it was replaced by a combined passenger freight station. It was brick covered with stucco. After the merging of SAL and ACL, this was demolished in 2000.

    The existing station is  a Mediterranean Revival Style.  The walls are stuccoed.  There is a red barrel tiled roof. There are arched doorways and windows.  There is a stepped parapet. There is decorative terra cotta.

     In 1998, the station was renovated at a cost of $800,000.

Sebring Station

Outside Station

Outside Station

Sebring, Florida Railroad Station Platform

Same as above

Sebring Railroad Platform

Interior Station

Interior Station

Sebring Railroad Station

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