Apopka Seaboard Airline Railroad

   The first station was a brick building built in 1887 to service the Tavares, Orlando and Gulf Railroad.  This was as destroyed by a tornado in 1918.   This was replaced by a wooden structure in the same year. It too serviced the Tavares, Orlando and Gulf Railroad. The line was eventually acquired by the Seaboard Airline Railroad.

Apopka Seaboard Airline Railroad Depot

    The Seaboard Airline Railroad Terminal was constructed of pine wood. There was a freight bay and two passenger areas.  It was located at 36 East Station Street in Apopka.  The line was used for freight and increasing passenger service.    The passenger service waned in the 1930’s.  A bus route to larger terminals was established.  At one time the depot was used for storage by a nearby meat market. It was renovated and used as a warehouse.  It was listed on the National register of Historic Places on March 15, 1993.

Apopka Seaboard Airline Railroad Terminal

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