Mudgee Railway Station

Mudgee Railway Station

     Mudgee Railway Station is located in the town of Mudgee in NSW.   It is on the Grwabegar Rail Line.  In 1879, Parliament authorized rail service between Wallerwang and Mudgee.

Mudgee Railway Station

     The station itself was built in 1883-1884.  The architect was John Whitten.  The station is beak fronted with red brick.  There is a sandstone foundation.  The roof is hipped corrugated.  There are elaborately molded chimneys. 

     Internally, there are high ceilings.  The walls are plastered.  There are hardwood floors.

     Passenger service ended in 1985.  It was used by the Freight Corporation, Pacific National Association, and by community groups

     The station was converted to a restaurant in 2005; closed in.2015.  It is currently used by Mandurah Studio Co-operative, the Arts and Crafts Mudgee Gallery and A veteran’s drop in center.

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