Six Mile Cypress Slough North

Six Mile Cypress Slough North

      This is a nature preserve located near Fort Myers at 11400 Luckett Road.   There are 8 miles of hiking and equestrian trails.  Total acreage 1219.02

     The preserve contains pine flat woods, oak hammock and cypress swamp.

     Historical note: there is a railroad grade on the property.  This was for a rail line that transported military supplies to Buckingham Army Airfield during World War 2.

     When I visited the preserve , I was the only hiker.  The trail is poorly marked.  Although the entrance signage states that equestrians are to use only the equestrian trail, it is obvious that this is not the case.

Pedestrian Trail in Six Miles Cypress Slough North

Pedestrian Trail

Trails are poorly marked   Likely old railroad grade

Pedestrian Trail

Same as above

Same as above


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