Urfer Family Park

Informational Plaque   Picture courtesy of FH

Pine Shores Trailer Park Clubhouse Fireplace  Picture courtesy of FH

Albert and Selma Svenheim Barn  photo courtesy of FH

Albert and Selma Svenheim Barn  photo courtesy of FH

     This park is located at 4000  Honore (Corner of Honore amd Bee Ridge)Sarasota, Florida.  The 55 acre site was previously owned by the Wilson Family.  They grazed cattle at this location.   The property was purchased by Sarasota County in 2002.  The park is named after Jack and Thelma Urfer.  They helped in planning the park.

Historical.Plaque Wilson Family Home

Dr. C.B. Wilson Residence 1983

More Recent Picture Wilson House

    There are four playgrounds: Tot Lot for ages 2–5; a School Age playground for ages 5–12; another for ages 10 and up; and A playground for adults.

     The Wilson House is a historic residence located adjacent to the playgrounds. The Doctor C.B. Wilson House aka as Office of Fuller, Breslau and Stinnett  Attorneys was built in 1906. Architect was Edgar Ferdonk.  It was enlarged in 1913 with a roof top addition creating a full second story.  The external wall is made of pressed stone. It was originally located at 235 S. Orange Street, Sarasota.  It was listed in.the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.  In 2004, the house was moved to Urfer Family Park.

    Dr. Wilson was a lifetime resident of Sarasota.  He was educated at Florida Military Institute, University of Florida, and University of Alabama Medical School. He began his practice in Sarasota in 1906.  He died in 1941.

     Another historic structure in Urfer Family Park is the Albert and Selma Svenheim barn.  It was built in 1925. It was relocated to the park in 2007.  It was listed on the Sarasota County Register of Historic Places.

     Another historic structure in the park is the Pine Shores Trailer Park Clubhouse Fireplace.  The Club House and fireplace were originally located at US 41 and Stickney Point Road, Sarasota.  They both dated to 1938.  The trailer park closed in the early 2000’s.   The club house was in a sad state of disrepair.  The fireplace was saved and recently moved to Urfer Family Park.

      There is a paved fitness trail near the playground.  There is a one mile nature trail through pine flatwoods and herbaceous and forested wetlands.  There is a boardwalk overlying the wetland areas.

     There are covered picnic pavilions and restrooms.

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