Flea Market in North Fort Myers on Tamiami Trail Closes After Years in Operation

Sign for flea market (also old drive in sign)

Old Drive In Movie Screen

Refreshment Stand

Grounds of Old Drive In (also flea market)ft Myers 

    Across from the Shell Factory on Tamiami Trail in north Fort Myers at one time was a drive in.  Its address is 2521 N. Tamiami Trail.  It opened in 1949 as the Fort Myers Drive In. After a history of closures, it later opened as the Northside Drive In.  This closed after years of operation.

    While the drive In was active and later after it closed, a flea market was operating at the site.  For a while, it operated 5 days a week.    It was in business for over 60 years.

     Now recently, it was announced the the flea market would no longer be operating after May, 2021 at the drive in site.  Apparently the property was recently sold.  It is thought that it would be used for boat and RV storage.

     Fortunately, the flea market operation will.be transferring to the Shell Factory


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