School Building at Altgeld Gardens Chicago, IL

School Building at Altgeld Guardian

     Altgeld Gardens was a public housing complex on the far south side of Chicago.   It is located on a 157 acre site.  The architects were Naess and Murphy.  It was built in the 1940’s to provide housing for African American serviceman and their families.  These men were returning from World War 2      It was built to be a self contained community in a park like setting.  The residences were low 2 story buildings linked in groups.  There were 1,500 units divided into 162 groups.      The development had its own public library, schools, auditorium and club house.  There was a shopping center.      However, the area is not without issues.  It is surrounded by multiple hazardous waste sites.  This may account for healthcare issues of residents.  The population is almost totally minority.  The average income level borders on the poverty level.      Although many units have been scheduled for renovation, the future of other buildings is uncertain.

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