Broadview Hotel East Saint Louis, Illinois

Hotel Broadview East Saint Louis, Illinois

Hotel Broadview as seen in 2013

     This historic hotel building is located at 415 Broadway in East Saint Louis.It opened in 1927.  It was built by Widmer Engineering. Building style is Classical Revival. It is a brick building around a concrete frame.

     At the time of its opening, it was the largest and most luxurious in East Saint Louis.  It had 260 rooms each with its own bathroom. It had a restaurant, roof top garden, ballroom, meeting rooms and air conditioning. Early in its history, the Elks Lodge moved into the hotel.  The first radio station moved into the hotel from 1927 to 1935.

    The  Broadview remained an important business until the 1950’s.  In 1957, SIU began renting space in the hotel.  The university purchased the building outright in the 1970’s.  They abandoned the Broadview in 2004.  It has remained vacant ever since.  The hotel building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 12.31/2013.

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