The Federal Building 111 S. Orange Street, Sarasota

     The Federal Building was constructed as a United States Post Office with a WPA subsidy approved by Congress in 1931. The subsidy was $175,000.  The style is neoclassical.  It is 2 stories high (23.97 feet).

     The architect was George Albee Freeman.  His associate was Harold N. Hall.  The supervising Architect was Louis A. Simon.   The project was completed in 1934.  Apparently, the building Currently functions as a Social Security Office.  

     The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on March 22, 1984.

Federal Building 111 South Orange, Sarasota

Federal Building Plaque

Federal Building

Federal Building

Same as above

Cornerstone. Henry Morgenthau, Junior Secretary of the Treasury. Postmaster General James Farley.  Supervising Architect Louis Simon Associate Architects George Albee Freeman, Harold N. Hall


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