William Rupp Sarasota School of Architecture

William Rupp was born in Philadelphia in 1927.

William Rupp

Kirsch House  Lido Beach, Sarasota. 1957. Architect William Rupp

McCullough Pavilion, Sarasota

McCullough Pavilion

Information Plaque

McCullough Pavilion

McCullough Pavilion Sarasota  

McCullough Pavilion (Center for Architecture Sarasota). Scott Commercial Building. 261-265 South Orange Avenue Sarasota Architects William Rupp and Joseph Farrell 1960. National Register of Historic Places 2016

     He was inducted in the army at age 18. He remained in the US Army until 1955. Post active duty, he attended the University of Florida . He graduated with a degree in design (architecture) in 1953. Upon graduation, Rupp worked with Paul Rudolph as an associate and then manager of the office.

     In 1955, Rudolph left Sarasota for New York City. Rupp opened a private architectural practice at 224 South Orange downtown Sarasota. Over the years Rupp worked with many of the members of the well known members of the Sarasota School Of architecture such as Ralph Twitchell, Jack West, Gene Leedy, Tim Seibert, Victor Lundy, and Bert Brosmith.

Home of Bill Rupp at 655 41st Street Sarasota, Florida Designed by Bill Rupp Built in 1963

In 1959 Rupp formed Associated Architects with fellow architect Joseph Farrell. Their partnership lasted only two years but was quite productive. They designed the Uhr Residence Studio, Rupp Home, Kitsch House, Classes National Bank in Dunedin, Barkus Furniture Company, Sarasota and the Scott Commercial Building. 

Uhr Studio Residence. Architects William  Rupp and Joe Farrell. Built in 1962.  Sarasota, Florida

In 1965, Rupp moved hid practice to Naples, Florida. While here worked on three apartment complexes, an animal clinic, a restaurant and his own house. 

Caladesi National Bank Dunedin, Florida 1961–1962  Architects William Rupp and Joseph Farell

In 1968, Rupp became an associate architect at Morris Ketchum Jr and Associates in New York.

In 1972, he relocated to Amherst, Massachusetts. He worked with Callister, Payne and Bischoff,Architects and Community Planners. In the mid 1970’s, he went into private practice.

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