Victor Lundy, Sarasota School of Architecture

     Victor Lundy was born to Russian Immigrant parents in a New York Brownstone in 1923. He demonstrated an early aptitude for drawing and painting. He attended an art school at New York University. He interrupted his studies to enlist in World War II. He sustained a serious injury for which he received a Purple Heart. He studied architecture at Harvard University under Walter Gropius.

Victor Lundy

     Lundy moved to Sarasota in 1951. He thrived in the nine years that he lived in this area. He relocated to New York in 1960. In 1976, he relocated to Houston for 7 years.

    On his own and with HHK, he designed many homes as recently as 2000.

Herron House

Herron House

Herron House 1957 Island of Venice Built for Sam Herron, a real estate developer. Architect Victor Lundy

South Gate Community Center Sarasota 1956 Architect Victor Lundy

Saint Paul Lutheran Church. Sarasota, FL. 1958. Victor Lundy

Venice Presbyterian Church Meeting Hall Sarasota 1956 Victor Lundy Architect

Austin Centre, Austin, Texas. 16 story structure. Built in 1986. Two separate high rises connected by a 200 feet atrium. Architects Victor Lundy and HKS, Inc

One Eleven Congress Austin, Texas Completed in 1987. 30 floors. Architects Victor Lundy and HKS, Inc

Bee Ridge Presbyterian Church, Sarasota 1956. Victor, Architect

United States Tax Court Building Built 1974. Architect Victor Lund with Lyles, Bisset, Carlisle, and Wolff. Added to the National Register of Historic Places August 26, 2008

United States Embassy Columbo Sri Lanka.  1961–1985 Victor Lundy

Blue Pagoda Sarasota Chamber of Commerce. 1956 Victor Lundy  Tamiami Trail and Boulevard of the Arts

Blue Pagoda

Same as above

Blue Pagoda Building Sarasota, Florida Tamiami Boulevard. Built 1956 Architect Victor Lundy.

Blue Pagoda

The building features steel columns supporting blue tiled roof, glass curtain walls.

Galloway Furniture Showroom. Tamiami Trail Sarasota 1959.  Transformed into Vision works in the 1970’s and recently into Sarasota Art Museum Annex  Architect Victor Lundy

Furniture Store Morphed into Visionworks after extensive renovation in 1970’s

Sign of former warehouse is unused

Galloway Furniture Store Showroom morphed into Vision works in the 1970’s and then museum annex

No signs of activity in a building supposed to be Sarasota Museum of Art Annex

Unitarian Church Westport, Connecticut. 1965. Architect Victor Lundy

GT Operative World Headquarters Irving, Texas 1987–1991

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