Perley Hale, Architect

Perley Hale is an American architect. He was originally from Michigan. He primarily designed homes, but he also commercial projects.

Some of his projects include:

Anheuser Busch Warehouse (1908) abutting IC tracks at 72nd and Kimbark Chicago.

DesMoines County Courthouse (1882) in Burlington, Iowa. 4 story building built of sandstone and brick.

Home built in 1904. 1866 S. Lawndale Ave. Chicago. Style Queen Anne

Home built in 1912 10919 S. Prospect. Chicago.

Home built in 1909. 1501 N. Bosworth Avenue Chicago.

Home built in 1909

1324 N. Bosworth Avenue Chicago Style Palladian

Home built in 1912. 1970 Evergreen Ave. Chicago. Style Italianate.

Home built in 1905. 1818 S. Ayers Chicago. Style Romanesque.

Home built in 1909. 1744 W. 18th Chicago. Style Flemish

Anton E. Hanson house built in 1912. 7610

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