Lemont Railroad Bridge


Lemont Bridge

Bridge Plaque

Sanitary District Plaque
Lemont Bridge
Lemont Bridge

This bridge crosses the Sanitary and Ship Canal in Lemont. It was built in 1898. Builder/Contractor was the Keystone Bridge Company of Pittsburgh, PA. Bridge subcontractors were the McArthur Brothers and Winston and Company. Cost of the bridge was $84, 391.45. Total weight of iron and steel in the bridge is 2,315,656 pounds.  The counterweight weight weighed 858,645 pounds.      This is a metal pin-connected Pratt Throuh Truss, Movable: Swing (Bobtail).  Main span length is 259.6 feet.  Structure length is 398.5 feet.  Bridge is currently used by the Burlington Northern Railroad.  Formerly used by the Santa Re Railroad.

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