Village Theater, Chicago

Village Theater, Chicago

Village Theater. CHICAGO

Village Theater

     The Village Art Theater was located at 1548–50 North Clark Street in the Old Town neighborhood of Chicago.  It was built in 1916.  The architect was Adolph Woerner.   It originally was known as the Germania Theater.  Its named was changed during World War 1 due to anti-American sentiment. It underwent numerous name changes (Good Coast Theater, Globe Theater, Parkside Theater, and the Village Theater).  It also underwent management changes (Gumbiner Brothers, Kohlberg Theaters, Village Theaters).

     The theater as originally built had one screen and 900 seats.  Early in the 1900’s, the theater was divide into 4 auditoriums.   Little remains of the original interior.

   The external facade remains intact with red brick and beige terra cotta highlights.

     For years, the Village Theater was a popular venue for art, foreign and cult films.  The theater was closed in 2007.

   In 2018, the Village Arts Theater and neighboring buildings along North Avenue were demolished to be replaced by a condominium building.  The facade of the Village Theater will be incorporated in the new structure.

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