Mather Tower

This building is located at 75 E. Wacker Drive, Chicago.

The building was constructed in 1928.   The architect was Herbert Hugh Riddle.  It is 521 feet tall.  There  is a 25 story  rectangular box like structure.  Atop this is  an 18 story octagonal top.

The style is neo gothic with terra cotta exterior.     It is the most slender high rise in Chicago.  It was the headquarters of the Mather Stock Car Company.  This was a builder of rail cars for transporting life stock


Mather Tower

After years of disrepair, by the 1990’s,   the top 4 story top  cupola was so deteriorated that it was eventually demolished.    In 2000, Masterworks Development Corporation acquired the structure and undertook a multiyear complete renovation.

The lower portion of  the building  currently houses the River Hotel.    The octagonal  upper stories are currently occupied by Club Quarters–a chain of membership corporate accommodations.


Mather Tower


Mather Tower


Mather Tower

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