Charles N. Loucks House 3926 N. Keeler Avenue


Charles N. Loucks House


Charles N. Loucks House

This house is located at 3926 North Keeler Avenue in the  Irving Park neighborhood Chicago.  It was build in 1889 for real  estate developer Charles N. Loucks.  The architect was Clarence Tabor.


Charles N.  Loucks House

The style is Queen Anne.  Notable features are:  1) colored beveled glass windows; 2) verandah with beaded spindle works; 3) applied metal ornaments; 4) distinctive turret; 5)pressed brick external wall on the first floor; 6) cedar shingles on the external wall of the upper levels.


Charles N. Loucks  House


Charles N. Loucks House


Charles N. Loucks  House

This house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in February, 1984.

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