Historic Saint Charles, Missouri

This building operated as a blacksmith from the early 1890’s. This is a German Style architecture. The arched window was formerly a door


This building is located at 515 S. Main Street.    One source  states that this building was constructed in 1875.   However, this was the site of Eckert Tavern well known between 1818 to 1846. It was a large building.  The second story was destroyed in 1876.  I am uncertain  if the remaining tavern was demolished or partially rebuilt in  1875

It currently houses a restaurant.

Flaugherty–McNair House. 724 Main Street

This house was built in 1840 by M. Flaugherty. It was later purchased by David McNair. This building is now used by Mad Hatter Antiques and More

The building was constructed in 1840

It is thought that this building was used as servants living quarters until the end of the Civil War. In later years, this building was used as a private residence and a retail establishment.

Historic Farmer’s Tavern

Farmer’s Home  or Tavern


Farmer’s Home or Tavern

This building was named Farmer’s Tavern by owner John Frazier. It was originally owned by Alexander McNair (the first governor of Missouri). It was a favorite hostelry of legislators and government officials when Saint Charles was the state Capitol

The building was renovated by the Wayne Family in 1854. It was their home and an inn. It is currently a tobacco shop and a gift shop

903 Main Street

First owner of this property was Charles Tayon. He was the Spanish Governor of Saint Charles from 1793 to 1803. It is believed that the building was constructed in 1812. There have been many owners. The Botany family were owners for 90 years. More recently, it was called the Witches House. The owners were practitioners of this art. Now it operates as the Magpie Restaurant.

Historic Plaque

Historic Plaque

Mother in Law House

This building was constructed in 1866. It was the first brick double house. Recently, this was a restaurant. It is now vacant.

Historic Plaque

625 S. Main Street  Fox and Hound Antique and Décor

There are four businesses registered at this address:

Copper Platter, Inc.   Agent Dona Hafer.   1974

Newbill–McElhiney House Memorabilia, Inc.   Agent Helen Jackson   1991

Broadmoor Partnership  Agent Darold William Jackson 1996

Something Sweet   Agent Robert Hofer   2002

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