Frontier Park, Saint Charles

Frontier Park

Missouri River

Missouri River  MO370 Bridge in the distance

Signage Louis and Clark Memorial

Lewis and Clark Statue

Lewis and Clark Signage

Lewis and Clark Signage Statue

Caboose in Frontier Park

 Train Depot for  the Missour-Kansas-Texas Railroad.

   This train  depot was originally located  at Tompkins Street in the river front.  It was relocated to Pioneer Park in 1976.

     The Missouri Kansas Texas Railway was a Class 1 company.  Its last headquarters was in Dallas, Texas  The company was chartered in 1865.  Its name was Union Pacific Railway, Southern Branch.  The company serviced Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri with an extensive rail network.  In 1989, it was merged with Missouri Pacific Line.  Currently, it is a part of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Same as above

Same as above

Caboose in Frontier Park

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