Colquitt Building

    This structure is located at 1528–42 Broadway (N.W. Corner of Main and Broadway), Fort Myers.    It was erected by Henry Colquitt in 1925.   It is Spanish Mission Style.

     Who was this Henry Colquitt?  Henry and his wife Jennie were native of Gross Pointe, Michigan.  It was here that they raised their family.  In Michigan, Mr. Colquitt was a successful real estate agent and broker.

     Sometime in the early 1900’s, the Colquitts relocated to Fort Myers.  First address that I can find for the couple was 4 Rhode Island Avenue.  Not much was known about this address.  In 1928, Henry and Jennie bought a lot in Dean Park at 2781 Rhode Island Avenue, Fort Myers.  Cost was $2,000.    They had a two story craftsman airplane style brick house constructed.  Airplane style refers to the appearance of the recessed second floor over the broad roof eaves.

     Henry continued his real estate career  in the building he had constructed at the corner of Main and Broadway, Fort Myers.  He was also one of the officers of the Caloosahatchee Bridge Company.

     Eventually, he sold the building to W.H. Reynolds,Sr.  He also used the building for his real estate office.

     Henry lived in the house at 2781 Rhode Island Avenue until his death in 1935.  His wife lived in the house until 1936 (the time of her death).  The house was sold by the estate in 1942.

    Over the years the building has been remodeled many times.  It currently is used as rental property.

Colquitt Building

Colquitt Building

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