Andrew D. Gynne Institute, Fort Myers

Located on the corner of of 2nd Street and Jackson Street is a somewhat dilapidated looking two story red brick building. Room air conditioning units are seen in many windows. The name across the top of the front entrance is Andrew D Gwynne Institute.

The building was named after Colonel Andrew D. Gynne. He was a frequent winter visitor to the Fort Myers area. He was a wealthy Tennessee cotton broker and wholesaler. He had concerns about the poor state of the public schools in Lee County.

He was one of those individuals who put his money where his mouth was. He pledged $8000 towards the building of a new school. Unfortunately, he died before he could fulfill his pledge. However,his wife Andrea and his son Captain William F. Gynne pledged to match any money raised for the new school project.

The school was eventually built for a total cost of $45,000 and it opened on October 19, 1911. It was named the Andrew D. Gynne Institute.

It was a full accredited state of the art facility. It provided classes for students K-12. It had 10 classrooms. There was an office for the principal. There was a library. There was a 500 seat auditorium. There were 4 bathrooms, water fountains, and heat.

Due to expanding student population, a separate high school building was constructed in 1914.

The building currently serves as an annex for the school board of Lee County

Andrew W. Gynne

Andrew W. Lynne Institute

Same as above

Same as above

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