Alcazar Theater, Chicago

Alcazar Theater Internet Photo


     The Alcazar Theater was located at 69 W. Madison Street, Chicago. It opened in 1907.  It was one of the older loop theaters.  Construction costs were $20,000. It had one screen.  Its seating capacity was 300.  It was one of the first.loop theaters to install a pipe organ.

     It was located in Chicago first theater row at the intersection of W.Madison and N. Clark Streets.  Located nearby were the Boston and Rose Theaters.  All three theaters were owned by Harry C.Moir.  He also owned the Morrison Hotel.

     In the late 192o’s  and early 1930’s, the Alcazar operated as a 24 hour venue.  It closed in the mid 1930’s.  The Morrison Hotel, the Acazar Theater along with other structures on the block were razed in 1965 to build the First National Bank and Plaza.


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