Michael Todd Theater Chicago


Michael Todd Theater

    The Michael Todd Theater was located at 180-190 North Dearborn Street.  When it was originally built in 1923, it was called the Harris Theater.  It was designed by C. Howard Crane as a legitimate play house for producers Sam Harris and Archie and Egdar Selwyn.  The style was Italian Palladian.  The theater closed and was acquired by Michael Todd in 1950.

     Mr. Todd converted the building to a movie venue.  It was the second Todd-AO 70 mm road show theater.  There was a single large flat movie screen.  The was a waterfall curtain.  There was a large balcony.  Seating capacity was 600 seats.  There was a JJ projection booth.

     Due to deteroration, the building was ultimately demolished with the exception of the facade.  This was incorporated into the new Goodman Theater.

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