Loop Theater Chicago

The Loop Theater was located at 165 N. State Street in Chicago.  When it first opened in December, 1939, it was known as the Telenews Theater.  The architects were Charles Murphy, Sigurd Naess, Alfred P. Shaw. Style was Streamline Moderne.  It had one screen and 606 seats.  Originally, it featured cartoons, newsreels, and comical shorts.


Internet Photo Telenews Theater

In April, 1950, for a brief period of time, the name was changed to the Loop Theater and it featured first run movies.  In July, 1950, the name was changed back to the Telenews and the format was changed to newsreel.

In August, 1953, the name was changed back to the Loop Theater.  It switched to featuring first run features.

In the mid to late 1960’s, the theater featured a mix of B movies, first run features and adult films.


Internet Photo  Loop Theater

It closed in April of 1978.  During its lifetime, it was managed by Brotman and Sherman Theaters and Telenews Theater.

For a period of time the old theater building was used as a retail store.    It sat empty for years.

The building was demolished in November and December of 2005.  A 31 story building was erected at this site.  It was called MoMo. It is now called the Joffrey Tower.

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