Naples Twin Drive In.

Naples Twin Screen Drive In/Flea Market  Photo from Dave Page

This Drive In was located at Firano Drive and Davis Boulevard in Naples, Florida. It opened on February 29, 1974. The facility was built by A.W. Cook, Jr of Cook Theaters. He was the contractor for the facility. It had a capacity of 700 cars on two parking ramps. There were 2 screens measuring 80 X 40 feet. Air conditioning units were available for the cars.


Naples Drive In Photo Dave Page

     The drive in was part of a family recreational center.  Included was the drive in theater, miniature golf course, and a driving range.There was a flea market on Saturday and Sunday. Different movie formats were attempted including first run movies, B movies, X and R rated movies.

Screen Naples Drive In

     The drive in property was sold to a new owner from Fort Lauderdale.  In 1994, they hired Jack Hegarty and his family to manage the Naples Drive In.  He previously managed drive in theaters and worked for General Cinema of Fort Lauderdale.  Changes made by the new management included year long operation of the drive in, farmers market and flea markets Saturday and Sunday. 

   Last movie were shown on April 30, 2006.   Property was sold.  The drive in was demolished.  The property was redeveloped for luxury homes.

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