Site of Former Rogers Park Hospital

Site of Former Rogers Park Hospital

Photo of Rogers Park Hospital

Sketch of Second Hospital

     In 1927, Rogers Park Hospital opened at 6970 N. Clark Street in Chicago. The president of the new hospital was Dr. Francis Patrick Machler.  The hospital was a replacement of a two story structure built in 1921 also by Dr. Francis Patrick Machler.

     Dr. Machler lived in Evanston, Il.  He was a Rogers Park physician and surgeon for 35 years ( his office was at 7001 N. Clark),  a drummer boy in the Spanish American War, a U.S. Army Captain in World War 1, and a veteran leader. He died in 1950 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

     The new hospital was six stories high.  There was a solarium on the top floor.  The building was constructed with reinforced concrete.  The exterior was brick and terra cotta.  Construction costs were $402,000. Architect was Dwight Wallace.

     Bed capacity was 102.  There were two operating rooms.  There was one delivery room.  There was X-Ray capability.

     In June 1930, the hospital was sold by Dr. Francis Patrick Machler and Thomas Sullivan and Company to the Rogers Park Community Hospital Association.  The sale price was $400,000.  Judge Harry Olson was the new chairman of the board.  Dr. Nappe was the New President.  The hospital name was changed to Rogers Park Community Hospital.

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