Diversey Theater 

Diverse Theater Chicago Internet PhotoA

     The Diversey Theater opened in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago at 2828 N. N. Clark Street.  The opening date was July 30, 1925.  The theater architect was Edward Eichenbaum.  Style was Spanish Baroque.

     In 1930, the interior of the theater was remodeled in the art deco style.  The name of the Diversey was changed to the Century.

     At various times, the theater was managed by Balaban and Katz, Lubliner and Trinz, Plitt Theaters, and Publix Theater Corporation.

     In 1973, the theater was closed for a major remodel.  The interior was gutted.  It was converted to a multilevel retail shopping center. It was called the Century Shopping Center.  There was no longer a movie venue.

     In 2000, the Century entered in an agreement with the Landmark Movie Group.   The chain built seven movie auditoriums in the upper levels of the facility.  The style of these auditoriums was now art deco.

     While the theater appears to be doing a brisk business, the retail space is suffering.  There are many empty stores.

     It was recently reported that Amazon is attempting to acquire Landmark Theaters from Wagner/Cuban Co. (Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner). Local theaters of this chain include Landmark Renaissance Place Highland Park and the Landmark Century Center in Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago.  Landmark Theaters are known for art house fair.

Century Shopping Center and Theater

Century Shopping Center and Theater

Century Shopping Center and Theater

Century Shopping Center and Theater

Same as above

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