The Rose Theater


Round Up Theater Internet Photo

   The Rose Theater opened in 1914 in the Logan Square Neighborhood of Chicago at 2858-60 North Milwaukee Avenue.   Its seating capacity was 700.  It had one screen.   The architect was Ralph C. Harris.

    It went through several closures in the 1930’s.  In 1936, it reopened with  a new name, the New Dale Theater.  In 1949, the owners (Balaban and Katz) renamed the theater the Round Up.  They featured Westerns only.     The Round Up closed in the 1950’s.  Later in that decade, the building was used as a furniture store. 

     In 2001, the former lobby was used as a restaurant.  The auditorium was used for storage.  The building was demolished in June, 2009.

Former Site of Rose Theater

Same as above

Former Site of Rose Theater

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