Milford Theater

Former Site of the Milford Theater

     The Milford Theater was located in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago at 3311 North Pulaski Road.  It was opened in 1917.  It was built for the Ascher Brothers Circuit.  The architect was Henry Newhouse.   There was a single screen.  Seating capacity was 1150 seats.    Initially, it showed silent films and featured a theater organ.  

        In 1950, the Milford became part of the Balaban and Katz Chain.  In the 1960’s and the early 1970’s, it showed Polish language films.  In the 1970’s, it featured budget second run movies. In the 1980’s, it experimented with showing Spanish language films.

     There apparently was a Milford Ballroom that was a part of the theater building complex.

     The Milford Theater closed its doors in 1990.  It was destroyed by a fire.  It was eventually torn down in 1994.

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