Logan Theater Chicago

Logan Theater Chicago

The Logan Theater is located in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago at 2646 North Milwaukee Avenue.  It opened as the Paramount Theater in 1915.  It was part of  the Lubliner and Trinz Circuit.     The architect was Walter W. Ahlschlager.   Seating capacity was 988.

     In 1929, ownership was taken over by the Essaness Chain.    The theater was renamed the Logan.

     Later,  the theater was converted to 4 screens and was independently run. It exhibited second run features.  

     The Logan was closed in 2011 for renovations.  It reopened in 2012.   The improvements included: new seating for 595; new sound system; new screens and digital projectors; art deco details.   Theater now features mid run movies and independent features.  It participates in local festivals.


Logan Theater

Logan Theater

Logan Theater

Logan Theater

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