Congress Theater Chicago, Illinois

Congress Theater Chicago

Entrance Congress Theater

Congress Theater Chicago

The Congress Theater is located in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago at 2135 N. Milwaukee Avenue.  It was designed by Fridstein and Company for the theater operators Lubliner and Trinz.  It opened in 1926.  It had one screen.  Its capacity was 2,904 seats,

Congress Theater Chicago

The theater featured an ornate interior and exterior.    Style was a combination of classical revival and Italian Renaissance.   The ampitheater featured a large dome.    The theater block had 17 retail stores and 56 apartments.

In 1929, the Congress became a part of the Balaban and Katz Chain.   Later it was managed by Publix Theaters.  In the 1970’s, it was renamed Teatro Azteca.  It featured Spanish language films.   Movies continued to be shown until the 1980’s.  In the 1990’s, the theater hosted live Latin acts and boxing matches.

More recently, the Congress operated as a 3,500  capacity live music venue.  It was closed in 2013 due to numerous safety violations.

Entrance Congress Theater Chicago

Congress Theater Chicago

     In 2014, Eddie Carranza sold the Congress Theater and Building to a Chicago developer Michael Moyer.  Moyer is the chief executive of New Congress, L.L.C.  He is a real estate investor and developer primarily In the Chicago area.  His New Congress, L.L.C. was established for the purpose of redeveloping and managing the Congress Theater as a mixed use venue.  He has assembled $65 million dollars for this project.   This renovation is scheduled to be completed by 2019.

     In 2017, the Congress Theater was listed in the National Register of Historic Spaces.

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