Wrigley Building Chicago

Wrigley Building

Wrigley Building

Wrigley Building

Wrigley Building

Wrigley Building

The Wrigley Building is an iconic structure in Chicago located at 400-410 North Michigan Avenue just to the north of the Chicago River.   It consists of two towers.  Construction took place between 1920-1924.  The South tower was completed in 1921; The North 1924.

The building architects were Graham, Anderson, Probst, and White.  It is steel frame construction with outer facade of terra cotta.  Inspiration was the Giralda Tower of the Cathedral of Seville.  Architectural style is a fusion of Spanish Colonial Revival and  French Renaissance.

There  are walkways between the buildings at the ground level and at the third and the 14th floors.  The two towers are of different heights.  South tower is 30 stories and the North tower 21 stories.  Arising from the South tower is a clock with faces in four directions.

In 2011, the building was purchased by Zeller Realty and the Groupon Co-founders.    They added a Walgreens Store, a coffee shop and a fitness center.    As recently reported in Crain Chicago Business ( 6/29/2018), the investor group BDT Capital Partners has sold its interest in the Wrigley Building to Mansueto Properties (founded by Morningstar).  Purchase price is reported to be $255 million.

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