Krause Music Store Lincoln Square

Plaque at Krause Music Store

Krause Music Stoor

 Krause Music Store

     The Krause Music Store was located at 4611 North Lincoln Avenue.  It was commissioned in 1921 by William Krause to serve as a residence and a music store.  The total cost was $22,000.

     Mr. Krause chose his neighbor William Presto as the architect.  Presto had served in the past as a draftsman for Louis Sullivan.   He had asked Sullivan to design the building’s green terra cotta facade.  At this time, Sullivan was in ill health and was insolvent.  Likely for these reasons he accepted the commission.

     Sullivan designed an elaborate terra cotta facade.  It consisted  of detailed curvilinear and geometric forms.  Material for the project was supplied by the American Terra Cotta Company.

     The building opened in 1922.  It sold piano and sheet music.  It also sold radios. During the Depression, Mr. Krause committed suicide in the second floor family apartment.

     His widow rented and then sold the building to a funeral home.  For many years it functioned in this capacity.  During this time, the building was neglected, the terra cotta facade was acid washed and lightened

     In September, 1977, the facade was designated as a Chicago Landmark.  During the ensuing years, there were many owners.

      In 1990, Scott Elliott opened Kemscott Galleries.  He restored the front.  At the turn of the century, a gift shop called Museum of Decorative Art occupied the space.  In May, 2005, Pooja and Peter Vukosavich purchased the building.  They restored the Sullivan Facade.  They renovated the main floor for their company Study V Design.  

     In 2006, the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Post written on June 2, 2018

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