Morse Theater

The Morse Theater was located at 1328 Morse Rogers Park.    It began operations in 1912.  It operated as a vaudeville venue and a nickelodeon movie theater. It had a capacity of 600 seats.

In the 1930’s, the theater was remodeled in the art deco style.   It was renamed the Co-Ed Theater (a reference to the nearby Loyola University).    It operated from 1930 to 1954.

Photo from early 1900’s Internet Photo

Mayne Stage

Mayne Stage Theater

Mayne Stage Theater

Mayne Stage Theater

Mayne Stage Theater

From 1956 to 1977, it became home to a synogogue for the Congregation Beth  Israel Anshe Yanova.   The congregation later relocated to a location in Skokie at 3601 Dempster Street.

In 1977, the building was acquired by the Geroulis family.  It housed their business Cobblers Mall until 2004.  It moved to a nearby smaller location.

In 2008, the building underwent an extensive 6 million dollar renovation to become a high end jazz club.    It opened in October of that year.  Its name was changed to the Morse.   In August of the same year, the building was damaged by a fire.  It was suspected that it was a case of arson.  In 2009, following an unresolved dispute between the building owners and the operators, the Main closed.

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