Ellantee Theater Rogers Park

     On the north side of Devon Avenue just east of Clark stands a long time Rogers Park establishment known as the Devon Clark Hardware Store.  Many people are unaware that this was the site of a movie theater.  

     Built in 1919, it was a 1200 seat theater.  It had only one screen. The architect was Robert Smith.  It opened on March 1, 1919.  The theater name was the Ellantee.  It was managed by Lubliner and Trinz.  It was closed in 1928.  

     In September of 1930, the building reopened as the Ridge Theater. It closed in 1952.

Ridge Theater Internet Photo

Ellantee Theater

Ellantee  Theater

    It sat empty until September 17, 1930 at which time it reopened as the Ridge Theater.  This business ran until November, 1952.   For a brief time in the 1950’s, it was known as the Capri Ballroom.

     Clark Devon Hardware, the urrent business at this location actually started at a different site in 1924 and relocated to the current site in 1980.

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