Second Taylor Street Bridge

      Blog Posted and completed on 1/26/2018

   There is no current bridge at Taylor Street.  There were two bridges crossing east to west at Taylor Street (1000 South; 300 West) at the South Branch of Chicago River 2.5 miles from the river mouth.

     Beginning in the 1880’s, local property owners lobbied for a bridge at this site.  In 1890, a deal was reached.  The West Chicago Street Railway Company offered to pay $25,000 for the bridge foundation.  In return, they could use the bridge for its tracks.  The former Adams Street Bridge superstructure was refurbished and  installed at Taylor Street.   The bridge was a swing iron hand operated.

     Contractors were:

Designer:                                              Keystone Bridge Company

Superstructure Contractor:   Bridge was refurbished by City day labor

Substructure Contractor:       Chicago Dredge and Dock Company

     Construction cost were $40, 380.  The bridge was removed on May, 11, 1899.

     Second bridge at this site opened on February, 1901. 

     Contractors were:

Designer:                                            Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge Company

Construction Contractor:              Chicago Bridge and Iron Company

     Construction costs were $107,323.  Bridge was removed between December 6, 1928 to February 6, 1929.

End of Taylor Street

End of Taylor Street

      Photos added 4/21/2018

Taylor Street Bridge

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