Bridge terms

Bascule bridge is a movable draw bridge.  These can be one leaf or two leafs.    In a single leaf bascule bridge,  there is a single movable span that bridges the entire river.  In a double leaf bascule, there are two movable spans that meet in the midline

Fixed trunnion.  The bridge rotates about a fixed axis.

Truss Bridge is one whose load bearing superstructure is composed of A truss–structure of connected elements usually forming triangular units

Warren Truss Bridge was patented in 1848 by James Warren and Willoughby Theobald Mongani.   Its longitudinal members are joined only by angled cross members forming alternatively inverted equilateral triangle shaped spaces along its length

A Pratt Pony Truss. The truss is above the road bed but not connected.

Through truss.  Truss members are above and below the roadbed

Deck truss.  The roadway is atop the truss.

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