Congress Parkway Bridge


Congress Parkway Bridge

     Posted 1/20/18


Congress Parkway Bridge

     The Congressway parkway Bridge ( 320 West; 400 South) crosses the South Branch Chicago River east to west 2.4 miles from the river mouth.  It is the only bridge at this site.  It opened on August  10, 1956.

     It connects Chicago downtown with the Eisenhower Expressway. It is not a single bridge but side by side twin double leaf bascule bridges.  Each is 298 feet a long and 43 feet wide.  Each bridge carries 4 lane of traffic.

    Bridge description is metal rivet-connected Warren deck truss: movable : double leaf bascule (fixed trunnion).  There is one main span and 2 approach spans.    The bridge was named the Wagner Memorial Bridge after a deceased Chicago Alderman.  The bridge underwent a 33 million dollar rehab 2010–2012.

     Contractors were:

Design:                  Division of Bridges and Viaducts, City of Chicago

Superstructure Contractor:   Overland Construction Company

Substructure Contractor:      M.J. Boyle and Company.

     Construction costs were $5 million.



Congress Parkway Bridge

     Bridge Inspection 8/2012

Deck.                            Condition       Rating         Excellent.  9 out of 9

Superstructure.       Condition       Rating.         Satisfactory  6 out of 9

Substructure             Condition.      Rating.        Satisfactory  6 out of 9

Sufficiency Rating. 68 out of 100


Congress Parkway Bridge


Congress Parkway Bridge


Congress Parkway Bridge


Congress  Parkway Under Surface


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