The Single Leaf Dearing Bridge


Single Leaf Deering Bridge


Single Leaf Deering Bridge

This is a massive bridge over the north branch of the Chicago River.  It is a metal 6 panel river-connected Warren through Truss, movable single leaf bascule (heel trunnion)   It was built in 1916.



Single Leaf Deering Bridge


Deering Single Leaf Bridge


American Bridge Company Fabricator

Builder/ Constructor Kelly Atkinson Construction Company of Chicago

Engineer/Design Strauss Bascule Bridge Company

Substructure Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company.

There is one main span which is 145 feet in length.   Structure length is 186 feet.  There are three sets of tracks only two of which  are currently used.  It is used my  Metra Union Pacific.

The current bridge is the third at this site.  There  was a single track wooden bridge initially.  There was replaced in 1887 by a double track swing bridge.  This was 176 feet in length.  It weighed 400 tons



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