Division Street Canal Bridge

     There have been 3 bridges at East Division Street (1200 North; 840 West).  These cross the North Branch Canal into Goose Island 2.6 miles from the river mouth

     In 2014, city of Chicago made the decision to a bascule type bridge due to its deterioration.   A contract was made with the Acrow Corporation to replace the bridge.  This company worked with the city of Chicago and the general contractor F.H. Paschen to remove and replace the bridge  within a 90 day period.

     The replacement bridge deck is epoxy aggregrate.  Bridge has  bilateral cantilevered sidewalks.   There are panel chords, diagonal and verticals.  Decking , raker brace, transom, top chord, brace, sway brace, transom brace, diagonal chord brace.   The largest span is 261 feet. Deck width is 36 feet.   It has two lanes for auto traffic and two bicycle lanes.   When installed, the bridge was to be a temporary structure for 4 to 5 years.   It still remains in place in 2017.


Division Street  North Branch Canal Bridge


Division Street North Branch Canal Bridge


Division Street North Branch Canal Bridge


Division Street North Branch Canal Bridge

Division Street Bridge over North Channel

Same as Above

Same as above

     The second bridge at this site opened on February 1, 1903.  It was a metal rivet-connected Pratt through Truss, movable double leaf bascule (fixed trunnion) and approach spans: metal stringer (multi beam), fixed.  The main span length was 173 feet.  Structure Length was 260 feet.   There was one main span and four approach spans. It was First rehabbed in the 1930’s.  It was also overhauled in 1969 and in 1980.  It was converted to a fixed span in the 1990’s.

     Contractors were:

Design:               Division of Bridges and Viaducts City of Chicago

Construction:  Roemheld and Gallery

Cost was $194,150.

Removed in 2014.

East Division Bridge. Photo from the internet

     The first east Division Street Bridge opened in 1870.  It was the first of the North Branch Canal.  It was a hand operated wood and iron swing bridge.  It was 176 feet long and 29 feet wide.


Designer:                  Fox and Howard

Construction:         Fox and Howard

Cost:  $17,700.

     The bridge was removed In 1900.

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