Halsted Street Bridge over the North branch Chicago River

    Revised and expanded on 1/10/2018

     The current bridge is the fourth bridge at this site.   It crosses North to South ( 600 West; 1047 North) the North Branch Chicago River  2.6 miles from the river mouth.  This is a modern double leaf bascule bridge.  It has deck trusses.  There is a single bridge house. There are four lanes of traffic.    There is one main span and four approach spans. The main span measures 154 feet in length.  The structure length is 267 feet.  Roadway width is 46 feet 

It opened on October 5,1955.   The bridge is now a fixed bridge.

Contractors were:

     Designer:    Department of Bridges and Viaducts City of Chicago

     Superstructure Contractor was Overland Construction Company.  Bid $1,657,329

     Electrical Contractor was Fries Walter Company.  Bid $261,691.

     Bridge tender house Contractor was Walsh Construction Company.  Bid 139,982.

     Northern approach viaduct Contractor was Michael McDermott Company. Bid $103,986.75.

     Demolition Contractor for the previous bridge was Pielet Scrap Iron and Metal Company. Bid $127,405.

     The bridge underwent rehabilitation in 2012.  Included in the project were replacement of floor beams, deck stringers and lateral bracing.  Bridge railings were replaced.


North Halsted Avenue Bridge over the Chicago River

      The first Halsted Street Bridge at this site was financed with $ 2500 subscriptions from local land owners and $4500 from the city of Chicago.  It opened in 1866.  It was an all wood hand operated bridge.  It had a center pier. It was 140 feet long and 20 feet wide.

     Contractors were:

Designed:                   Fox and Howard

Construction:           Fox and Howard

     It was removed in 1877.
         The second bridge at this location opened on September 1, 1877.  It was a swing wood and iron truss hand operated structure.  

     Contractors were:                     

Designed:                                               William B.  Howard

Superstructure Contractor:              William B. Howard

Substructure Contractor:                 Chicago Dock and Dredge Company

     Construction costs were $14,000.

     The bridge was removed In 1896

     The third bridge at Halsted Street opened on January 19, 1897.  It was a steel electric powered Scerzer Rolling Lift bascule bridge. There were 2 sets of street car tracks in the center and wagon roadways on either side.  There were 6 foot sidewalks on either side.

     In 1910, the bridge was redecked. 

     In 1923 the bridge was extensively rehabbed.

     Contractors were:

Designer:                                            Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge Company

Superstructure Contractor:          King Bridge Company

Substructure Contractor:              Wilson and Jackson

      Construction cost were $11,000

     Bridge removed March 1,1955


North Halsted Street Bridge over the Chicago River


Same as above


Same as Above

Halsted Street Bridge



View from the Halsted Street Bridge


Same as above

     Bridge  Inspection (Current bridge) as of 9/2011

Deck Condition rating good. 7 out of 9

Superstructure Condition rating serious 3 out 9

Substructure Condition rating fair 5 out of 9.

Appraisal: Structurally deficient.

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