Halsted Street Bridge over north Branch Canal of the Chicago River

     Posted on 1/9/2018

      The present Halsted Street Bridge (800 West; 847 North) runs North South over the North Branch Canal 2.8 miles from the river mouth. This is the third bridge at this site.  

      The current bridge is a modern replacement of a prior structure built in 1909.  The engineers were HBM engineering group.  The bridge is steel through arch.  During the replacement project in 2010- 2011, the existing superstructure was removed and replaced.  The substructure strengthened and reused for approach spans. New reinforcement concrete abutment on steel piles were used as supports for the main span.  Total length  is 164.4 feet.  There are two lanes of traffic in each direction.  There are bike paths in each direction.The

     Contractors were:

Design:                Division of Bridges and Viaduct City of Chicago.                                                Architect:   Muller and Muller LTD.

Construction:    Walsh

Cost was $13,097,568.

     The first bridge at this site was built in 1874.  It was an iron swing hand operated bridge.  It was 226 feet in length.

     Contractors were:       

Design:                         Fox and Howard

Construction:             Fox and Howard

Construction costs were $29,945.

Bridge was removed February, 1907.


Halsted Street Bridge over North Branch Branch Canal

     The second bridge at this site opened November 4, 1908.  It was a Chicago style double leaf bascule bridge. It was constructed of steel.  It was electric powered.  It was 206 feet long and 60 feet wide. It carries both street cars and vehicular traffic.  The street cars rails were removed in the 1950’s.   In 1911, roadway was paved with sectional wood pavement. In 1916, bridge houses were rebuilt.  In 1931, new floor was installed and several trusses were reinforced. New sidewalks and counterweights were installed.  In 1955, the bridge was resurfaced with open steel grids decking. In the 1990’s, the bridge was converted from movable to fixed.  The bridge houses were removed.

Contractors were:

Design:                    Division of Streets and Viaducts. City of Chicago

Superstructure Contractor:  J.E. Roemheld

Substructure Contractor:       FitzSimons and Connell

Construction Costs were $247,983.

     Bridge closed on December, 2010.


 View from Halsted Street Bridge over North Branch Canal


Halsted  Street Bridge over North Branch Canal


Halsted Street Bridge over North Branch Canal


Division Street Bridge seen from the Halsted Avenue Bridge

Halsted Street Bridge


 Halsted Street Bridge

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