Ewing Avenue Traffic Bridge


Ewing Avenue Traffic Bridge


Ewing Avenue Traffic Bridge

2.5 miles from the entrance of the Calumet Harbor is the Ewing Avenue traffic bridge.  The original bridge at this site was built in the 1890’s.  It was a hand operated iron swing bridge.  Its dimensions were 200 X 34 feet.   When the decision was made to replace this bridge, it was moved to a slightly different location to serve as a temporary structure to maintain traffic in this area.

The current bridge was built in 1914.  It was rehabbed in 1992 and 2013.  The superstructure was built by Ketler-Elliot Erection Company.  Substructure was built by Byrne Brothers.  The bridge design was a pony truss double leaf bascule.    This is an unusual structure on the Calumet River.  Other unique features include concrete counter weights and creosoted wooden deck.  Parts of the steel were from the Cambria Company.

The largest span measures 228 feet.   Total structure length is 337.8 feet.  Deck width is 36 feet.

Last bridge rating was:  Deck 7 out of 9  Good;  Superstructure 4 out of 9  Poor; Substructure 6 out of 9 Satisfactory.  Overall appraisal Structurally deficient .

As seen in the above photos, the bridge is currently in an opened position due to ongoing maintenance work.

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