Lock 7 Illinois Michigan Canal

Lock 7

Lock 7

Lock 7

Lock 7

Lock 7 is located in Channahon, Illinois on the west side of the DuPage River.  It was one of the original 15 locks on the canal.  It was constructed in the time period between 1846-8.   It is 110 feet in length and 18 feet in width.  It walls were made with ashlar limestone.  The lock gates were made of timber.  The lift was 3.9 feet. On the western side of the lock stood an office and shelter for the lock tender.  It had clap board walls and a wood shingle roof.    This was demolished in 1910

Adjacent to Lock 7 is a control gate that allows water into the canal from the DuPage River.  Originally, there was a feeder canal that extended from the DuPage River in Minooka to the area around Lock 7.

The lock gates were eventually removed.  A concrete barrier was installed on the east end of the lock in 1956.

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