Ottawa Railroad Bridge

This bridge crosses the Illinois River west of the confluence of the Fox and Illinois Rivers.  The original bridge was built in 1871.  It was leased by the Burlington from the Ottawa, Oswego, and the Fox River Valley Company.

The current bridge was constructed for the Burlington in 1898  by the King Bridge Company.  Its total length is 800 feet.  Its height is 21 feet above the water.  Originally the bridge was a steel multispan fixed bridge.  In 1932, the center span was reconstructed and retrofitted with  a Waddell and Harrington Engineers Vertical Lift.  There are timber trestle approach spans to the north and south.  There are limestone piers. There is only a single track in the bridge.

When the Burlington became the Burlington Northern, this bridge was sold off. As of 2009, the last known owners were Illinois Railway Net.

In 1997, trains ran across the bridge twice a week.  South bound at 11 am; North bound at 3 pm.  This was on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Cargo was sand from U.S Silica and Wedron Silica to the Norfolk Southern in Streator.    Also carried was lumbar to a yard in Streator.




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