Open Court Publishing Company

     Open Court  is a publishing firm with offices in Chicago and LaSalle, Illinois.  It’s main headquarters is in Peru.  It is a branch of Carus Publishing Company.    The founder was Edward Hegeler; he was a wealthy successful industrialist in LaSalle.  The company was founded in 1887.  The mission of the firm was to explore was to explore religious and psychological issues.   Dr. Paul Carus was retained as the first managing editor.  He later married Marie–one of Hegeler’s daughters.  The headquarters was located in the Hegeler Carus mansion for 80 years.
     Open Court was one of the first academic presses in the United States.  It’s focus was on religion, philosophy, and science.  It published inexpensive versions of many of the classics.
The firm also published two periodicals– Open Court and Monist.  The latter is still active.

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