Julius Hegeler 1 Home

     Julius Hegeler 1 was the oldest son of Edward Hegeler.  He was born in LaSalle, Illinois in 1867.  Like his father, his education was in mine engineering.  For years, he worked at Matthiessen–Hegeler Zinc Company, the family business.  He married Josephine Hulda Caesar in 1897.  They raised four children.
     In 1903, Julius received from his mother and father, a 1 and three quarter acre lot across the street from the Hegeler Carus Carus Mansion.  His parents also built him a home on this property.  The home was designed by architects Pond and Pond. It was completed in in 1904. The home was built in the English Arts and Crafts style. It’s exterior is red brick. The rooms are spacious. There are grand fireplaces with surrounding decorative tiles. There are hand carved wood staircases. Fine paneling is seen throughout the house. Julius and his family lived here only one year.  They left LaSalle to start a zinc plant in Danville.


Julius Hegeler Home

For many years after Julius and his family left, the house was occupied by various members of the Hegeler–Carus family. These included the Barnes family (Edward, Paula Carus Barnes and their children) and the Hermann Carus family.
In 1970, the building became the meeting place of the Illinois Valley Community Arts Center, the LaSalle County Youth Bureau, and a local YMCA chapter.
In the 1980’s, Fred and Cynthia took ownership of the house and it sat un-used for 20 years.
In 2006, the Hegeler–Carus foundation purchased the building and began restoration efforts.
In 2009, the home was added to the National Register of Historic Places.
The included photos were taken in the summer of 2015

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