National Biscuit Company.

     In Marseilles, Illinois near the Illinois River, there is an imposing eight story structure.  This was once the home of the National Biscuit Company.


National Biscuit Company.


National Biscuit Company

At one time over 500 workers were employed at this facility.
     In 1902, Howe and Davidson of New York City, moved their presses and equipment to this site on the Illinois River.  In that same year, National Biscuit purchased this site from the prior owners.  They operated Nabisco Brands paper mill and carton plant. In 1921, they constructed an eight story building. 
     There was a box and package warehouse.  There was also a folding carton assembly line.  Mechanical power was supplied by a canal from the River with a 15 foot drop.
     In 1984, the facility was sold to Federal Paper Board Company.  They discontinued the paper mill.  In 1991, Field Container acquired the plant.  It was closed in June of 2006.
     At one time there was talk of converting the eight story building to condominiums.  However, it appears that nothing came of this project.


Nabisco Biscuit Company in the distance.

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