LaSalle Mission Cemetery.

     One of the more fascinating stories of the LaSalle region was the rediscovery and excavation of this region. 
     LaSalle Mission Cemetery was blessed and dedicated in 1840.  It was founded by the Vincentians–a Catholic religious order.   It was nominally under the control of the diocese of Saint Louis.  It was in use from 1840 to 1857.  The majority of the people interred here were Irish immigrants.  There were also a far amount of Germany immigrants.  Considering the time it was active, it is a fair assumption that many of the people interred here had worked on the Illinois Michigan Canal in one capacity or other.
     The last known burial here was in 1857.  This cemetery fell in to disrepair and was forgotten.    The site was recently to become veterinary office at 24th and Charters Street in LaSalle, Illinois.   During excavation, human remains were found.  Subsequently, a voluntary effort was begun to excavate the human remains and re-inter them at Saint Vincent Cemetery.
John Hurst-a local funeral director had been helping the effort with volunteers.  There was also supervision with an archeologist. 
     The project was completed in April of 2012.  The remains of over one thousand individuals were found. They were relocated to 10 grave vaults at Saint Vincent Cemetery.



In June of 2012, Bishop Daniel Jenky and two local priests presided at a grave Site ceremony.
     In March of 2013, a granite memorial was installed at the grave Site.  The inscription read:  The memorial marks the site where the remains of Irish and German immigrants and pioneers were relocated from the LaSalle Mission Cemetery.  The LaSalle Mission  Cemetery, located approximately one mile south and west of this memorial, was in use between 1840 and 1857.
Many of those buried here died of cholera.  The re-internment took place on April 28, 2012.


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